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About Us

We frequently get asked “what do you do for a living?” Well, we make people LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD. Sometimes we get a confused look and it always cracks a smile on our faces. What they usually mean is “What is your occupation?” Well then, I’m a BARBER.

Hi, My name is Paul Laurie and I’m the owner of District Barber Shop. Being involved in multiple careers over the past decade prior to Barbering, I realized I never truly enjoyed doing what I was doing. I was always excited to go to the Barber Shop. I always felt good after getting a haircut. Damn, I want to be a Barber. After cutting hair for a couple years I wanted to open my own Shop. So now it’s the year 2017 and the opportunity to have my own space is real. District Barber Shop offers opportunity to the Barbers to be there own boss. Earn their earnings for their hard work. There’s no secrets here, these guys pay booth rent. What that means to the clients? We give a s**t about what we do. We will be here when we say we will be here. You have and appointment at 10, we’re here at 9:55. You’ll be greeted. You’ll be respected. You’ll get great service. We want YOU to enjoy your time here and come back again. Barber Shops have always been looked at as the cornerstone of the community, where we watch people grow, learn about relationships, talk sports, make friends, connect people, and just being that place where people want to be.

Welcome to DISTRICT

Paul Laurie

Owning a shop is something he has envisioned for some time now and is excited to share the experience with everyone. A place where any person can come feel comfortable and kick it, then leave looking good and feeling good. A place where people can network, build relationships and grow.
And of course, Go Bills!!!


Jeffrey Mis

Jeff is a established barber and has great relationships with his clientele. If you know any bartenders in buffalo, they probably know Jeff, because he cuts their hair. He’s a huge Bills and Sabres fan, his tailgate is notoriously known for being the first to put people through tables, he just watched though. Overall he’s a dope dude and barber. And he’s got an in-ground pool. Go book with Jeffrey Mis.


Chris Clam Lambert

Chris Lambert aka “Clam” as his friends call him. He spent his early years as a Marine serving our country overseas. Has had some great offers career wise but passed on them so he can pursue Barbering full time. His grandfather was a barber, so it makes sense that he’s putting his all into it. Book an appt with Chris “Clam”.


Chris Faires

Chris Faires is a OG, he has 20+ years under his belt snipping hairs. A clean taper w/ a shape up or a precise Princeton, he’s got you. And he’s got stories for days. Book now with Chris Faires.


Elvis Millet

Originally from Connecticut, he moved to Buffalo in 2016. He’s been barbering since 2013 and found a spot here with us at District in early November 2018. Very diverse in cutting all hair and says he makes killer pastelitos. Peep his Instagram page


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    338 Seneca St Buffalo NY 14204